Azores Tourist Attractions - São Miguel

The largest island of the Azores archipelago is São Miguel, located in the East of the three groups of islands making up the Azores. All the islands have vast nature with uniqueness and São Miguel has a lot to offer any visitors. The archipelago capitol is located on this island and it is called Ponta Delgada. We find the largest airport of the island located only a few kilometers outside of the city.

São Miguel West Full-Day Tour with Lunch

The tour begins sometime between 9.00-9.20 AM when you are picked up at your accommodation in Ponta Delgada city and ends 8.5-9 hours later. If your accommodation is located outside of the pick-up area in Ponta Delgada it is possible to contact the local partner to arrange a pickup at an additional fee.

During this excursion many amazing and unique views will be enjoyed as the journey takes the company to the western part of the island of São Miguel. You will visit Sete Cidades and stop at King’s View and you will be stunned by the beauty of smaller, little-known lakes of the area. This is followed by a visit to a small town by a lake after which the journey continues to the beautiful rocks of Mosteiros.

The afternoon’s itinerary starts off with a visit to the highest and most untouched of the large lakes of the Azores, Fogo Lake, and then Caldeira Velha, a natural monument featuring thermal activity and lush vegetation. Next up is the largest town on the north coast, Ribeira Grande, and the most beautiful cliffs in São Miguel.

The last stop of the day is at the pineapple greenhouses, a most important fruit to the Azores, where you will learn the unique growing techniques used here.

The tour includes a lunch of traditional Azorean food, drink of your choice, dessert and coffee, all entrance fees, a bottle of water, and pick-up and drop off within 5 km of Ponta Delgada city center.

You will be guided on this tour by an expert in the history and nature of the Azores.

Azores Whale Watching Expedition and Islet Boat Tour

The tour starts with an introduction to cetaceans (whales and dolphins) and other marine species, such as turtles, as well as their natural habitat, communication, and migration and behavioural patterns so you will have some knowledge when heading out to sea.

The tour includes a wildlife guide and an experienced skipper, insurance and impermeable full suit and life vest as well as the boat trip. The boat is a Zodiac RIB boat with a capacity of 12 to 28 persons.

The guide will provide live commentary as the skipper slowly approaches the whales or other wildlife as close as possible for the best view.

The tour also includes a tour around the Princess Islet of Vila Franca de Campo where you can get an up-close view at the volcano and the resident wildlife.

Passengers are recommended to bring their personal water supply as well as a camera to capture the moments. Light food is allowed on board.

Sao Miguel: Swimming with Dolphins

If you want to swim with Dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean then here is your chance of an unforgettable adventure.

This 2-hour tour begins with a briefing where your guide, a qualified biologist or nature guide, will teach you how to swim and behave around the dolphins, but also how to enter the water, how to use the mask and snorkel and how to get the most out of your experience. It is important to know how to respect the dolphins while you are interacting with them.

Mask, snorkel and wet-suit are provided, as are raincoat and pants, and a life jacket.

After the trip you will be provided refreshments, any other food or drink are your personal responsibility as is getting to the meeting point on time.

Azores: Ribeira da Salga Canyoning Adventure

If you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure you are in luck. You may be a first-time adventurer or an experienced one, as long as you are in good physical health and shape, to participate in this tour.

This canyoning excursion will take place in Ribeira de Salga in the northeast part of São Miguel Island, but before you head out you will go through a quick security briefing and equipment distribution, for your safety.

Once everyone is briefed and has their gear the group will embark upon a half-hour hike towards the location where you will slide, jump and rappel down gorgeous water streams and into crystal-clear natural pools of water. The highest jump can be up to around 8 meters while the highest rappel can go up to 16 meters. But don’t worry if you are not comfortable with jumping there are other options available.

There is an option of hotel pick-up and drop-off for those who want the transfer and for the full-day tour option there is a picnic lunch included in the pricing.

For all options all equipment is included (canyoning boots, harness, helmet, socks and wetsuit), as are the accredited guides, insurances, photos and videos and snacks.

São Miguel Azores: The 3 Volcanoes in One Full-Day Tour

Take the opportunity to visit 3 volcanos in one single day. This full-day experience will start with a pick-up at your accommodation and off you go to the first of the volcanos.

You can admire the green and blue lake and the 5.5 km diameter volcanic crater of Sete Cidades from the Vista do Rei belvedere, a view that is well-known. You can also explore the wild nature of Lagoa do Fogo Volcano and relax with a thermal bath in Caldeira Velha Thermal Pool and Natural Park. The power of Furnas volcano may amaze you as you visit the hot springs, the lake and get to know the way to cook using the heat from the volcano.

The tour includes a traditional lunch with food, drinks, dessert and coffee, the fees for Caldeira Velha, a local guide, insurances and the pick-up and drop-off and any accommodation on the island.

Hidden Gems of São Miguel: Azores Tour

São Miguel Island has a lot to see outside of the regular tourist attractions and this tour will let you spend your day visiting and exploring some of the hidden gems of the island.

From ample mountain top views, to cliffs, small lakes and waterfalls, through the quiet inner island roads surrounded by green pastures and forests, and the native, unique vegetation of the Azores in areas that are well-preserved. This is a special way to spend your 8-hour day.

The tour includes a bottle of water and lunch which includes the food, a drink of your choice, dessert and coffee as well as pick-up and drop-off within 5 km of Ponta Delgadas’s city centre. Pick-up from other areas can be arranged at an additional fee.

You are requested to bring comfortable shoes and warm clothing.

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